Player teasing

Other (objects, etc.) theme


The first video game about Player teasing was released in 2005.

Team17 Software and Devolver Digital has published most of these games

* Player is shown items at a distance that they would find very useful or just nice to have but there's no way to get to them. And even if there is a way to get to them, by the time you reach them, the items have lost their value.
* Same as above, but player can be fairly sure they need to gain some item, ability, powerup, or something to get there. Though mainly if said thing is gained only much later (and not just around the corner).
* Player is shown their goal near the beginning, but to get to it they need to follow a horribly convoluted path to reach it.
* Shop item that can be purchased if player has the money for it, but there's no way to collect as much as is asked, or the shop it's sold at is no longer accessible by the time player has the money for it.