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All tags that define plot points and have no better parent tag.

AbductionA kidnapping or abduction is included in the plot. A ransom or other demand may or may not be involved.2000 / 20147 games
Alien technologyLittle if at all understood alien technology or technological artefact(s) function as a major plot device.1992 / 201741 games
AmnesiaFeatures amnesia (a sort of memory disruption or loss) as plot device or theme.1982 / 2019240 games
Beneficial curseThe protagonist is subjected to one or more curses or similar that turn out to be more beneficial than not.1998 / 201612 games
The Classic ConflictsThe originals are: Man vs. Self Man vs. Society Man vs. Nature Man vs. Machine/Technology Man vs. Fate For videogames, its a bit more complicated.container group
CurseThe protagonist has been cursed and either bears it or is actively seeking to dispel it, or a curse otherwise plays a major role in gameplay or story.1982 / 201839 games
Death of protagonistOne or more of the main characters die as part of the plot, especially in case of the protagonist.1988 / 201999 games
DestinyDeals with the subject of destiny and fate.2000 / 201823 games
False historyHistory as you know it is a lie.2007 / 201112 games
Falsely accusedThe protagonist is falsely accused of committing some (likely horrible) crime and much of the story involves proving that you didn't do it, simply running away from the law, or otherwise attempting to cope with it.1984 / 201761 games
Fight fire with firePlays with the concept of fighting fire with fire.2005 / 200911 games
Forgotten past1998 / 201513 games
Free willDeals with the subject of free will.1998 / 201719 games
Human weaponFeatures humans (or member/s of some other sentient species) that have been or are turned into living weapons.2003 / 20098 games
Identity crisisEither the protagonist has self doubt about their identity, what they are or should be, or they're presented with compelling or undeniable evidence that they truly are not what they thought themselves to be.1998 / 201721 games
ImmortalityFeatures immortality as a concept, theme or plot point.1992 / 20199 games
Lost equipmentPlayer loses all or at least the most vital equipment at some point in the game.1987 / 2019102 games
Lost powersThe protagonist has lost or loses her powers, abilities, skills, spells, etc. intangible that make them presumably great and powerful. A notable part of the story is either spent reclaiming them or coping in their absence.1991 / 201738 games
MiscommunicationIt is normal for communication to be perfect in fiction unless it is for plot, thus this signifies such troubles occur either on their own or as part of the plot.1992 / 201413 games
One of the enemyOne on your side, possibly you, were among the ranks of your current enemy or are somehow perceived to be one of them.1995 / 201711 games
OutbreakFeatures a major disease or viral outbreak. Or something that causes similar results.1983 / 2017117 games
Pandora's boxThe protagonist is unwittingly the cause of the depicted misery, and possibly tries to undo the damage they did. Or the plot otherwise follows a similar theme.1998 / 201537 games
PawnThe protagonist is used or otherwise manoeuvred without their (initial) knowledge towards goals they may not agree with.1999 / 201539 games
PrecognitionPrecognition plays an important part in the story.2004 / 20054 games
ProphecyDeals with a prophecy or similar portent(s).1998 / 201855 games
Resistance movementA resistance or similar movement is taking place during the story, possibly with the player helping or fighting it.1987 / 2018179 games
ReligionReligion is a major plot device or theme.1979 / 201834 games
Rise to powerDeals with the protagonist's, a group's they work for, or some secondary character's (that the protagonist works with) ascension to power.2010 / 20156 games
Rivalry2007 / 20152 games
SearchSearching for an object, a place, a person or something else is a major element and activity in the story.1981 / 2019219 games
Secret missionProtagonist is doing a job that is kept secret from everyone except few key people who need to know.1984 / 201462 games
Soul bondThe protagonist is or becomes intricately bonded to someone or something else in a manner much deeper than friendship, loyalty, love or such.1999 / 20055 games
TreacheryTreachery serves as a major plot point or thematic element.2005 / 201719 games
TruthUses truth as a significant plot or thematic element.1 game
Unwanted responsibilityThe protagonist is laid with some great responsibility, or they perceive it as such and must either deal or come to terms with it.1997 / 20085 games