Port & conversion variants

Video game concept

Acquiesce PortPorted after creators/publishers specifically & unequivocally ruled out the possibility of porting these games to a specific platform.1994 / 20177 games
Altered port or conversionThe port's or conversion's content has been altered/modified (some maps, characters, items, etc. are different) in some parts, but mostly the game is the same.1989 / 20154 games
Crippled port or conversionCertain gameplay elements (such as game modes or activities) have been removed from the port/conversion.1987 / 20139 games
Enhanced port or conversionThe existing content of a port/conversion has been enhanced to be better without actually impacting how the game plays (unless it's tweaks on controls) or adding new content.1992 / 201811 games
Expanded port or conversionThe port's or conversion's content has been expanded (such as extra maps/levels have been added), adding significant elements that are not present in the original.1997 / 20118 games
Hostage PortUnrelated demands are made of customers desiring a port to their preferred platform by publishers and/or developers.2014 / 20179 games
No portsUnique to a platform, no ports or versions exist on others.1983 / 2016229 games
Reduced port or conversionIs essentially the same game but has less content, with some levels or such removed.2000 / 20133 games
Simplified port or conversionThe game mechanics, challenges, etc. have been simplified from the original version.1 game