Creatures entity

The next step of human evolution.


Alternate names: Evolved humans
Name variations: post-humans

The first video game about Posthumans was released in 1999.

Vivendi Universal, Warner Bros. Interactive and Sega has published most of these games

* Mutants
* Bioroids
Unlike mutants who are the product of genetic freak accidents, these are actual breeds that have come to existence over hundreds, even thousands, years from adaptation rather than random stable mutation as is seen more often in Sci-Fi.

Occasionally accomplished through forced evolution but this method is often viewed as Evil and belongs in the realm of former humans, the forced evolution kind may be included under some circumstances where it is depicted in positive light or simply accelerating normal evolution and not as a design.

Artificially achieved posthuman state should not count, look at the cyborg and robot tags for alternatives on that. Though as an exception posthuman state achieved by biotechnology is applicable as it's occasionally indistinguishable from natural posthumanism.