Prehistoric Period

Historical theme

All or significant part of the story is set in times after evidence of humans & before written history, as defined by science.


The first video game about Prehistoric Period was released in 1985.

Wisdom Tree and Enormous Elk has published most of these games

Pre-history is further divided be the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and Iron Age. It is noted, according to archaeological science, that systems of symbolic communication and even writing in some cases were in use during this time. However history generally requires a systematic, reliable, consistent, and sustained way of recording events. While stories recorded in cave paintings with symbols in them, accounting records using true writing, or oral recited stories may very well capture a moment or several moments of history, such occurrences from this time period are not systematic, reliable, consistent, and sustained. It is also noted that the prehistory point varies by region. Certain remote regions could be used as a prehistoric era setting and take place well into the 19th century AD. It is important to note such occurrences in the game description if these historic tags are applied.
This is for instances of fairly realistic depictions of prehistoric times, use prehistoric-theme instead if there are purely fictitious elements involved (such as the common humans and dinosaurs living in the same age).