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Alternate names: Scripting languages, Computer languages

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Ada programming languageA high-level programming language originally created by High Order Language Working Group (formed by US Department of Defense).1980 / 201627 games
Amos programming language1 game
Assembly languageWritten in assembly language, a human readable form of machine code. The least portable of computer languages & lowest level that can still be considered a language.1976 / 2018191 games
BASIC programming languageCoded in BASIC.1970 / 20171028 games
BASICA Programming LanguageGames that use BASICA source code.1 game
bBasic programming languageWritten in bBasic. A BASIC-like language that creates compiled Atari 2600 binary files suitable for emulators or creating Atari 2600 cartridges.1 game
Blitz BASIC programming languageA programming language by Blitz Research.1992 / 20166 games
C programming languageCoded in C, a general-purpose programming language, originally designed by Dennis Ritchie.1971 / 2018489 games
C++ programming languageCoded in C++, a superset of C programming language, slowly diverging from its roots.1988 / 20181067 games
C# programming languageCoded in C# programming language.2008 / 201879 games
Dark Basic programming languageGame is written in Dark BASIC computer language.2000 / 20143 games
D programming languageA programming language created by Walter Bright of Digital Mars.2001 / 201726 games
ECMAScriptCoded wholly or partially in ECMAScript or is extensible with it. Including any of its dialects such as JavaScript or JScript.1998 / 201623 games
Eiffel LanguageA computer language designed with commercial software in mind. Noted here at UVL for legitimate use.1 game
Fenix computer language2004 / 20077 games
Forth programming language1980 / 19855 games
Fortran programming languageGeneral-purpose language most suited for numeric and scientific computing. High-level languages were only theory before Fortran because they were considered inherently slower than handwritten assembly.1975 / 20148 games
F# programming languageCoded in F# programming language.1 game
Gambas programming language[b]G[/b]ambas [b]A[/b]lmost [b]M[/b]eans [b]Bas[/b]ic An object-oriented dialect of the BASIC with it's own IDE that somewhat mimics Visual Basic.2005 / 201110 games
Microsoft GW-BASICGW-BASIC & IBM BASICA are functionally identical except IBM's requires a ROM (Cassette), the other is self-contained, & GW-BASIC has a compiler option1 game
Haskell Computer Language2011 / 20137 games
Haxe programming language2012 / 20178 games
Inform programming languageA programming language and design system for interactive fiction, created by Graham Nelson in 1993.1993 / 20093 games
Java languageCoded wholly or partially in Java or is extensible with it.1997 / 201914 games
LISP programming languageLISP is the 2nd oldest high-level language, uses fully parenthesized syntax & was favored during the early days of AI.1988 / 201417 games
Lua programming languageUses Lua in one manner or another.1993 / 2019347 games
Machine CodeNot even assembly computer language was used for these games. The programmer wrote raw machine code.1976 / 200622 games
Objective-C programming language"Objective-C is a reflective, object-oriented programming language which adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language." - Wikipedia1994 / 201113 games
OCCAM programming languageWritten in and for OCCAM. Created by INMOS for their Transputer platform.1 game
OCCAM 2 programming languageOCCAM with more data types, floating-point math, functions, & multi-dimensional arrays. Finally a full language instead of just an OS.1 game
Pascal programming languageGames written in Pascal, an imperative and procedural programming language, developed in 1970 by Niklaus Wirth.1981 / 2015108 games
PHPAn alternative to Perl that allows servers to execute C like code. A few games have been programmed using it. These nearly always require a server.2004 / 20137 games
PureBasic programming languageA programming language based on established BASIC rules.2004 / 20093 games
Python programming language1995 / 2018751 games
REALbasic computer programming lanuage and IDE"REALbasic is a rapid application development environment that enables developers to create high-quality, native software for Windows, Mac and Linux" 2 games
Ruby languageCoded and/or extensible in Ruby, a programming language designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto.2002 / 201615 games
Squirrel programming languageA lightweight, imperative, and object-oriented programming and scripting language.1 game
Tcl scripting language1995 / 201627 games
TUTOR programming languageA [[tag:plato PLATO system]] language for creating computerized 'lessons'. Quickly rescued from obscurity when numerous games were created for it.2 games
Visual Basic programming languageVersion of BASIC that is object-oriented & event-driven. Events, functions & subroutines are associated with GUI elements by default.1995 / 201219 games