Projectile limit

Video game concept

There's a limit in how many projectiles can be "active" at any given time, especially when this limit is noticeable by the player.

Gauntlet II (MS-DOS)
DOS 1989
kasteroids (Linux)
LIN 1997
Deadly Towers (Nintendo Entertainment System)
NES 1986-12-15
AirForce2 (Linux)
LIN 2006-05-07
Cave Story+ (Nintendo Switch)
SWTC 2017-06-20
Doukutsu Monogatari (Windows)
WIN 2004-12
Cave Story+ (Windows)
WIN 2011-11-23
Gryzor (Arcade)
ARCD 1987-02-20
Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Entertainment System)
NES 1985-09-13
CrossFire (Nintendo Entertainment System)
NES 1990-11-02
Super Mario Java (Linux)
LIN ? *
COCO 2016-12

The first video game about Projectile limit was released in 1983.

Nicalis has published all these games

Older games had a limit of 1 or 2 simultaneously existing projectiles from same shooter with the player incapable of shooting more until one or both had been destroyed (hit something).

* Promotes player behaviour where they only shoot when the projectile is guaranteed to have limited live time (e.g. a wall right behind the target), allowing the player to shoot again faster in case they miss their target.
* Has the effect that your gun shoots extremely fast at point blank range but extremely slow when far away from your target.
* There's usually no explanation for this, and even if there's one, it's likely BS.
* Although this also affects your enemies, you rarely see them taking advantage of it (they don't shoot faster at close range).
* Some rare games would delete the oldest projectile instead of block shooting, causing an effect where the projectiles disappear into thin air if you shoot too fast.
* The limits may vary with weapons.

* Does not include slow weapons that give similar effect, but the speed remains unchanged regardless how long the previous projectile lasts.
* Sensible cases of projectile limits should not count, such as with actively guided weapons, boomerangs, or weapons that imitate a returning hammer (you have only one thrown weapon that returns to you).