Proprietary hardware

Hardware theme

Should only be used when this is not so obvious.
amBXSupports the amBX hardware that mainly produces colored light around the player's monitor, supposedly improving immersion. Originally by Philips.2006 / 201620 games
LightFXSupports the Dell XPS LightFX or Alienware AlienFX hardware.2010 / 201716 games
Logitech G13Supports the Logitech G13 LCD display.2009 / 20091 game
Logitech G15Supports the Logitech G15 LCD display (a small black & white display atop the the G15 keyboard).2005 / 201011 games
Logitech G19Supports the Logitech G19 LCD display (a small full-color display atop the G19 keyboard).2003 / 201133 games
TrackIRSupports NaturalPoint's optical head tracking add-on hardware.1998 / 201520 games