Protagonist age

Creatures theme

If the protagonist's age is on a border zone of two age groups, consider which they fit better in terms of appearance and/or psychological maturity and use that alone.

The ages provided are in terms of human life, so other species (or variants of species) may not be so straightforward, especially if the exact age is not even mentioned. Going with appearance with guidance from psychological maturity is appropriate in these cases.
Baby protagonistThe protagonist is something even younger than what could be called a child, usually up to one year old.1985 / 201433 games
Child protagonistThe protagonist is a pre-teen child, usually around 1 to 12 year old.1984 / 2018421 games
Elderly protagonistThe protagonist is old but not necessarily unfit. Generally gray hair indicates this status but other factors may as well. Likely 60-70 or older.1985 / 201535 games
Growing protagonistThe main character is a child (or a baby) at the beginning, and grows, becoming adult during the game.1984 / 201752 games
Middle-aged protagonistThe protagonist is roughly 40 to 60 years old (in human terms).1995 / 201571 games
Teen protagonistThe protagonist is roughly the age of 12 to 18.1984 / 2018259 games
Young adult protagonistThe protagonist has recently reached adulthood and is no longer considered teenager by those around them, though may not yet show significant maturity that one gains with age. Generally of 20 to 30 of age.1996 / 2017102 games