Protagonist variants

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Any tags relating to what the character players control is.

Alternate name: Player character variants

Alternating protagonistThe protagonist changes between chapters or other events completely outside of player's control.1986 / 2017190 games
Anti-hero protagonistProtagonists who lack traits commonly attributed to heroes, such as nobility, bravery, selflessness, etc. Generally any villainous and/or selfish protagonist though includes cowards, fools and others.1983 / 2020238 games
Collective consciousnessThe player is not in control of a single character, but the collective consciousness of a group, nation or species.1989 / 201830 games
Flawed protagonistThe protagonist has a major psychological character flaw, such as choosing actions based on their fears rather than actual evidence.2008 / 201713 games
Immortal protagonistThe protagonist is incapable of reaching final death through natural causes such as age, often excluding violence but not always even that.1992 / 202049 games
InfallibleThe protagonist is treated as an infallible person, incapable of doing or being wrong.1 game
Malevolent protagonistThe protagonist is there to kill, torture, terrorize and otherwise bring misery to the world.1983 / 2017105 games
Multiple protagonistsThere are multiple simultaneous protagonists.1981 / 2018216 games
Religious protagonistThe protagonist is exceptionally religious, likely citing the teachings of their faith to themselves or to others or otherwise using religiously charged dialog, rituals or other behaviour.2001 / 20176 games
Villain protagonistThe protagonist is a villain of some sort.2001 / 201913 games