Pseudo cheats

Video game concept

Includes "cheats" that mostly do not affect actual gameplay in a way that could be called cheating, but rather change it to be strange, funny or just different than originally intended. Usually accessible by quite obvious cheat menu.


Alternate name: Quasi cheats

The first video game about Pseudo cheats was released in 1995.

Take-Two Interactive, Activision and Devolver Digital has published most of these games

See also: cheat codes
Actual cheats mixed among these usually block gaining achievements, score, unlocking next level, unlocking more cheats, or other similar things that people would supposedly normally want.

Because these are usually accessible by an obvious menu these can not seriously be called cheats, and since most of these tend to not give as great advantage as real cheats do if any, they can only marginally be called that. Some easily overlap with something one could expect from "extra gameplay options" menu or in some difficulty adjustment settings, and similarly these may actually be detrimental to how easy the game is.

Usually player has access to all of these immediately, they may be unlockable bonuses as they progress through the game or gain achievements, or unlocked via finding secrets. Commonly basic ones at least do not require anything too special to do.

Example effects:
* Blood splatter is replaced with explosions of flowers
* Big head mode (can be considered a cheat if the game understands locational damage)
* Chipmunk mode (sound filter)

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