3D Pulfrich Effect

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Takes advantage of a binocular perception quirk whereby horizontally moving objects are seen by 1 eye moments before the other, enhanced by 1 dark lens


The first video game about 3D Pulfrich Effect was released on October 1990.

The Pulfrich Effect has a major advantage over other 3D effects in that an image viewed without Pulfrich Effect glasses looks entirely normal with no blur, jitter, color distortion, or other strange visual effect. The only detectable irregularity in Pulfrich Effect images is the constant horizontal movement of objects (which is not that unusual for videogames). Another advantage is the availability of equipment. The effect is enhanced by covering one eye with a darkened lens. Simply [size=+1]pop one lens out of a normal pair of sunglasses[/size]and you've got yourself a pair of Pulfrich Effect 3D glasses. Without the glasses, only certain individuals with eye effecting diseases, abnormal eye conditions, or strong mental discipline, can train themselves to see the 3D effect; and those solutions all take the fun out of it. It does have a major disadvantage in that only horizontally moving objects will appear in 3D. A soon as an object stops moving, or stops moving horizontally, the effect is gone. It cannot be dome with still images at all. This severely limits what objects/art that is on the screen are capable of doing while still maintaining the illusion. It usually means constantly scrolling backgrounds or objects that otherwise serve no purpose accept to maintain the effect. Artists are limited to art and subjects that are always in motion and game writers must find plausible reasons to keep everything in motion.[spoiler=;][/spoiler]3D Systems:

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