Game genre theme

Informal group for finding puzzle sub-genres.


Alternate name: Problem solving

Bubble ShooterA puzzle shooter genre usually involving a gun (for which only the angle can be controlled) shooting bubbles/marbles into the playing field which likely already has a number of them, with player's aim being attempting to destroy the ones remaining.1994 / 201557 games
Construction puzzle1984 / 2018155 games
Design puzzlePuzzle games where the challenge lies in designing something.2009 / 20116 games
Environmental puzzleA type of puzzle that involves altering the environment, such as pushing large objects around or toggling levers that move a series of platforms to reach places otherwise inaccessible.1988 / 2018118 games
Falling blocksSub-genre of visual matching puzzles established by Tetris.1984 / 2018955 games
Hidden objectA type of puzzle games where the aim is to find some hidden object(s) via perception, which may be used to solve additional puzzles. Possibly based on the Where's Wally/Waldo books which embody the game mechanic.1990 / 2017132 games
Logic puzzlePuzzles that derive from the mathematics field of deduction but don't necessarily require any actual math.1975 / 2016328 games
Match 3A type of visual matching puzzles where you match 3 or more visually similar pieces to progress, often by lining them horizontally, vertically or diagonally.1990 / 2017256 games
MazeA genre characterized by labyrinthine levels and evasion of enemies, often with little to no way to fight back.0 game
Other puzzlePuzzle games that defy categorization.1985 / 20088 games
Outline puzzleThe objective is to uncover the silhouette portion of background with a marker until most of the silhouette is uncovered.1981 / 201574 games
Puzzle-AdventureA sub-genre of adventure games that often plays more like series of puzzles than an adventure with puzzles.1991 / 201712 games
Puzzle platformer1985 / 2018166 games
Space managementPlayer is challenged to make efficient use of limited space, likely with various artificial constraints that make it difficult.1 game
Spatial logicRequires spatial-temporal reasoning. Visual, mental, actual manipulation of shapes/objects that have at least rudimentary realistic spacial relations.1975 / 2017441 games
Time management gameA "puzzle" genre where the aim is to maximize efficiency over time. Often involves maintaining a schedule and/or building efficient task queues.2007 / 20117 games
Timing puzzlePuzzle that requires some kind of synchronization between the pieces, and forces the player to measure the time/rhythm of the different parts to solve it.1 game
Transport puzzleA variety of puzzles where the goal is to transport something somewhere else, such as by sliding/pushing game pieces around.1982 / 2016143 games
Visual matchingA type of puzzle games where you match colors, shapes, patterns or other visual cues together to progress.1978 / 2017671 games
Word game1975 / 2017527 games