Quality of life

Video game concept

Any and all concepts that improve "quality of life" or enjoyment of any title but does not affect game balance and aren't subjective (e.g. minimap does not belong here).

Contrast: malfeatures (same thing but from opposite angle)
See also: accessibility
For example, filters in long lists of items are clearly quality of life feature regardless who you ask, while minimap is subjective quality of life improvement that also impacts game balance (navigation is made trivial). The former belongs here while the latter does not.
Item lockPlayer can somehow lock items (mark them for keeping) that prevents the item from being lost, such as dropped, sold, traded, purged, etc. until the lock is removed, but can still be used otherwise without restrictions.1994 / 20179 games
Skip non-interactiveAllows skipping non-interactive sections, from videos to narrative to simple dialogs.1999 / 201788 games
Text searchIncludes a text search filter to quickly find something from long lists of things.2014 / 20168 games