Quick item sets

Video game concept

Includes a quick way to swap whole item sets or similar. Commonly limited to what's wielded in hands, but can include whole gear.


The first video game about Quick item sets was released in 2000.

Blizzard, THQ and Runic Games has published most of these games

See also: quick slots
Mostly of interest for games where swapping items usually involves going to inventory screen and equipping different things manually.

Note that this is not for cycling active weapon in the manner it exists in most (first-person) shooters, but rather setting up a set of items that you want to be quickly swapped to via a single button. Usually limited to 2 sets though there has probably been games with up to 4 sets. Implies that each item in a set can be separately used with any other item, barring some easily understood restrictions (e.g. no tower shield and great axe).


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