Save on exit

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Saves or offers to save game progress when player exits the game.


Alternate name: Quit save

The first video game about Save on exit was released in 1984.

Blizzard, Klei Entertainment and Origin8 Technologies has published most of these games

If this is the only save method, this effectively prevents players reloading constantly at slightest mistakes, forcing them to accept the outcomes of their choices and actions or start the game all over again. Powerplayers are likely the ones to find this most aggravating, especially if they don't have access to guides to avoid it. Others may find it such, too, but are less likely to restart all over again.
Saving: free*, points*, auto, checkpoints, code, quit*, none

* denotes player initiated saves

Possibly related
Save RAM (Hardware)

Parent group

Game saves

Child group

Suspend save


Windows 47
Linux 28
Mac OS X 9
PS3 4
X360 4
BeOS 4
PS4 3
Pandora 3
Mac OS Classic 3
Tandy Coco 3
Xbox One 2
Switch 2
OS/2 2
iOS 2
Internet Only 2
GamePark 32 1
N64 1
NeXT 1
PS 1
Unix 1
Apple II E 1
Android 1

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