Racism / speciesism

Culture concept

Depicts racism and/or speciesism; possibly with the player character partaking in it, fighting against it, or simply witnessing it.


The first video game about Racism / speciesism was released in 1989.

Ubisoft, Bundesministerium des Innern and Winterwolves has published most of these games

Tentative parent:
* Discrimination

Tentative because racism can take such extreme levels at which discrimination seems inadequate, and in case of speciesism there are obvious differences and doesn't apply as much any more in that regard.

* Xenophobia
Also for the cases of different species as many fantasy worlds use the words race and species interchangeably and this has overflown to other genres.

Although speciesism is applicable to animal rights and such, we should consider this only in the light of sentient species.