Radar scramblers

Other (objects, etc.) entity

Any devices, structures, or such that distort information gained by using radars or similar devices.


The first video game about Radar scramblers was released on February 20, 2007.

Ubisoft and THQ has published most of these games

See also: radar jammers
This can function in at least 3 different ways without becoming a radar jammer:
* Causing radar blips to appear as fewer by somehow merging several blips. Possibly making one assume a small troop of armored soldiers is actually a large tank.
* Producing number of false blips, or dispersing large blips into many smaller ones. Making smaller force seem larger or large units collections of few smaller.
* Denying any guesswork on numbers and making one able to only say "there's something there" (e.g. a distorted region in radar, such as noise filling a region that does not occur normally).


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