Radiation weapons

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Weapons that irradiate their targets.


Alternate name: Radioactive weapons

The first video game about Radiation weapons was released in 1997.

See also: nuclear weapons

Generally these involve more fantastic effects of radioactivity, though it is possible to cause lethal amounts of radiation that has sufficiently fast effects. If these were practical in reality, these would likely be banned due to ethical reasons.

Technically these are energy weapons, but the appearance and any projectiles tend to not match what is conventionally considered an energy weapon. Such as 360 degrees of invisible radiation from an emitter device is hardly something one would consider an energy weapon comparable to to a laser rifle or such.

An example of real-world weapon that uses radiation is Active Denial System. It uses principles similar to a microwave to cause a sensation of intense burning on anyone in its field of fire (which is completely unnoticeable, even the act of "firing" does not provide any visible or audible signals).


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