Video game serie

Perhaps the longest running eroge series in existence.

Alternate name: ランス

The first video game about Rance was released in 1989.

Alice Soft has published all these games

ランス (ransu) is normally read as `lance´ which is likely a pun on the protagonist's penis due to his almost uncontrollable hedonistic urges.

The Haniwa [ハニワ] beings a.k.a. Hannies (singular: Hanny [ハニー, hanii: honey]) originate from Rance but have appeared in other Alice Soft titles. Although ハニー is the normal transliteration of honey, the developers have officially decreed it's Hanny. Despite their similarity with Final Fantasy Cactuars, Hannies predate them (1994 first FF with Cactuar) by several years, having appeared in the first Rance (1989) game. Haniwa is also the name of actual ritual terracotta clay figures, to which some references are made with Hannies.


Rance, Sill, Kanami, Ferris, Masou Shizuka, Maria Custard
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