Random damage

Video game concept

Any damage dealt is more or less unreliable, done in video games as a simulation of old P&P RPGs and other tabletop games where it was an abstraction of how hard and where something hurt, but has spread out to areas where it was not intended.


The first video game about Random damage was released in 1985.

Atari, Beamdog and Kalypso Media Digital has published most of these games

Originally random damage (say 3D6 dice throw) was to simulate combat situations you couldn't very well in a system that was only about what was said or what the numbers showed. The random damage and other parts were to compensate for the lack of info, so low throw would indicate that the person moved out of the brunt of the strike, only taking a small scrape instead of huge gash. In games where the information that was missing back in those times is actually present turns the table the other way around, you clearly see how good hit or miss it was but the system still randomizes the result.

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Damage, Game-like elements, Random results, Unrealism


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