Ranged weapons

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ArtilleryIncludes cannons and other indirect fire weapons.1975 / 201692 games
Auto-cannonsA cross between tank gun and a heavy machine gun.2003 / 201621 games
Bows1979 / 2019634 games
Direct-fire cannonsLarge-caliber direct-fire guns.1985 / 2018144 games
Crossbows1980 / 2020296 games
FirearmsPlayer can use projectile weapons that use a controlled explosion to propel a bullet at the intended target.1975 / 20202348 games
GunbladesWeapons that are primarily designed for melee combat but have functionality of a gun or are otherwise capable of being used as projectile weapons (such as through magic). Commonly appear as swords, but can be anything.1986 / 201650 games
GunsAny projectile weapons or devices that propel their payload via non-mechanical method (e.g. no sling or bow sending it flying).0 game
Machine gunsLarge full-auto support weapons with medium to large caliber bullets and high capacity magazines or belts. Some machine guns also have burst and semi-auto options. Larger varieties are vehicle mounted and too bulky for humans to carry alone.1984 / 2019374 games
MortarsA type of indirect fire infantry weapon.2005 / 201724 games
NailgunsIncludes a weapon that shoots nails, short spikes or similar projectiles.1996 / 201660 games
Siege weaponsLarge weapons designed to circumvent or break fortifications.1981 / 201525 games
SlingsAn archaic hunting weapon used to propel small objects - usually specifically shaped rocks - at game animals.1985 / 201759 games
SpeargunsIncludes weapons that launch a long-ish spear or similar projectile at their target, normally used for fishing in form of harpoon guns.2000 / 201646 games
SupergunsExtremely large cannons with range and firepower to match. Rather unconventional due to their size.1992 / 201220 games
Thrown weapons1979 / 2019455 games