Other (objects, etc.) theme

Depicts non-consensual intercourse; possibly with the player character partaking in it, fighting against it, or simply witnessing it.


Alternate names: Non-consensual intercourse, Rape fantasy
Name variations: non-con sex

The first video game about Rape was released in 1986.

TGL, Illusion and Giga has published most of these games

Applies whether or not the player character participates in the act. Both cases of participation count, as the perpetrator and the victim, although the role of the perp is significantly more common.

Simple mention of someone being or having been raped is insufficient as the player is never witness to it in any manner.

Note that as sexual fetish/fantasy, this can occur from both sides as there are those who fantasize about raping others and those who fantasize about being raped. This is not gender or orientation specific fetish either (either gender can be on either side of the act). Somewhat confusing when one goes into territory of pseudo-rape (victim enjoys the experience [even if they initially object to it, even violently], wants it repeated, etc.).

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Crimes, Sexual interests

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