Computer Entertainment Rating Organization

Culture entity

A Japanese non-profit video game rating organization established in 2002-07.

Alternate names: 特定非営利活動法人コンピュータエンターテインメントレーティング機構, Tokutei Hieiri Katsudō Hōjin Computer Entertainment Rating Kikō
Name variations: CERO

Parent group

Rating: CERO AFor all ages.1999 / 2018364 games
Rating: CERO BFor ages 12 and up.1999 / 2018266 games
Rating: CERO CFor ages 15 and up.1998 / 2018234 games
Rating: CERO DFor ages 17 and up.1995 / 2018125 games
Rating: CERO ZFor ages 18 and up. The only CERO rating that is restrictive (the others presumably can be sold to anyone).2003 / 201660 games