Entertainment Software Rating Board

Culture entity

A content rating system that is mandated by the ESRB member companies in US & Canada to get games licensed on console platforms or sold at select retailers

Name variations: ESRB

ESRB ratings are granted by the ESRB organization based on content pertaining to the product they're given to review, thus the ratings are often delayed till (near) release (and the ESRB Rating Pending logo is seen a lot prior to release).

Parent group

Rating: ESRB AOFor ages 18 and up.1997 / 201521 games
Rating: ESRB ESuitable for everyone. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and infrequent use of mild language.1989 / 20191667 games
Rating: ESRB E 10+For ages 10 and older. Contains content that might be considered unsuitable for children under 10 years of age.2001 / 2017449 games
Rating: ESRB Early ChildhoodContains no material that adults would find inappropriate for their children. This content is very mild in impact. Specifically intended for young children and are usually educational.1994 / 20117 games
Rating: ESRB K-AThese titles will appeal to people of many ages and tastes. Titles may contain minimal violence, some comic mischief (i.e. slapstick and gross-out comedy), or some crude language. Existed from 1994 to 1997, then replaced by E (Everyone) rating.1991 / 1999294 games
Rating: ESRB MFor 17 and older.1990 / 2017840 games
Rating: ESRB TFor ages 13 and older. Includes content that might be considered unsuitable for children under 13 years of age.1989 / 20181645 games