Video game theme

Any concepts relating to bits of realism, especially when they are uncommon in video games. These are not necessarily any kind of simulation but rather binary facts about the gameplay or the setting.

AddictionThe protagonist - and possibly other characters - may get addicted to one or more substances.2008 / 201516 games
AgingCharacters, especially the protagonist, age over time and possibly die from it (eventually).1988 / 201645 games
AllergiesSimulates allergies to a degree.1996 / 20152 games
Ambient temperaturePlayer interacts with environmental heat and/or cold.2002 / 201940 games
BleedingProtagonist and other characters may get severe wounds that bleed profusely, eventually leading to the character's death if not taken care of.1994 / 201848 games
Consistent damageAny damage dealt or received is constant with no arbitrary fluctuation.1985 / 201617 games
Dark spaceOuter space is realistically depicted as dark/black place instead of the usual colorful juice spill.1977 / 2018185 games
Defense breakingDefenses can be broken, disrupted, or otherwise temporarily or permanently negated. A shield flung aside, struck so hard the person staggers and can't parry for a sec, etc.2000 / 201842 games
Destructible itemsItems that the player can pick up and use, place in their inventory and so forth can be destroyed while lying about.1991 / 201539 games
Environmental contactTools, weapons, etc. can touch the environment instead of acting as if they were simply 2D printouts on your HUD or passing through everything as if they were air.2008 / 201719 games
Fall impactFalling down a significant height causes the character to recoil from the impact, roll across the floor, or otherwise react to the impact force.1990 / 2018159 games
FatigueCharacters suffer from extended periods exertion or staying awake, ranging from simple fatigue to more drastic ailments. Usually fixed by a good night's rest.1982 / 201861 games
Friendly FirePlayer can attack their own side purposefully or by accident or be attacked themself in similar manner.1979 / 2018222 games
Full body awarenessFirst person games where when you look down you see your body (legs, pelvis, torso, etc.) instead of nothing (just hands/arms are not enough). Not including cases limited to scripted sequences, cinematics, or others where player control is limited.1984 / 2019115 games
Imperfect healingAny immediate healing the player can use can not accomplish perfect results.1992 / 20189 games
Imperfect recoveryPlayer can't ever recover fully from received wounds, transformations, and such.2006 / 20136 games
InjuriesGetting wounded has much broader effects beyond simple loss of health points.1988 / 2020100 games
Unprotected inventoryItems in your inventory can be damaged or destroyed.1994 / 20157 games
Item durabilityItems wear down with use, rust and otherwise degrade with time or from being subjected to the elements.1985 / 2018148 games
MalfunctioningTools, vehicles, and whatever else have a possibility to malfunction under certain conditions, though usually only when they become too worn down.1992 / 201847 games
MiscommunicationIt is normal for communication to be perfect in fiction unless it is for plot, thus this signifies such troubles occur either on their own or as part of the plot.1992 / 201413 games
No crosshairThere's no targeting crosshair on the HUD.1996 / 201632 games
NPC friendly fireNPCs - especially those opposing the protagonist - can harm their allies, accidentally or intentionally.1996 / 201758 games
OverheatingDevices overheat and the player must deal with them either by waiting for them to cool down or forcibly cooling them somehow.1984 / 201969 games
PainGetting hit, falling significant heights, being electrocuted, etc. cause the subjected character (especially in case of the protagonist) to reel in pain or otherwise temporarily becoming incapacitated.1994 / 201553 games
Realistic damage1985 / 201552 games
RecoilSimulates recoil to some degree, throwing aim off target rather than usual bullet dispersion increasing for a moment or simply nothing at all.1997 / 201759 games
Ammo reload: RealisticUpon reloading a weapon, the previous clip/mag is discarded or stored back as partial clip/mag instead of filling the current clip/mag with the number of missing bullets.1986 / 201418 games
RestingPlayer character can or must rest occasionally, usually to combat fatigue or for other restorative purposes.1984 / 2020167 games
RottingOrganic substances, especially those used for food, eventually rot and spoil.1985 / 201852 games
ScarringGetting injured creates permanent scarring or similar markers of the injury.1994 / 20166 games
Silent voidNo sound is transmitted across the vacuum of space.2008 / 20137 games
StaminaSimulates character's ability to continuously perform strenuous physical activity such as running, carrying heavy objects and so on, draining the character's stamina and eventually preventing farther work-out before resting.1993 / 2018209 games
Static healthPlayer character's maximum health never increases permanently (short-lived boosts are allowed).0 game
Stray fireMissed shots can actually hit something.1994 / 201522 games
Unrestricted violencePlayer is free to hurt and kill [i]anyone[/i], from random pedestrians to puppies.1987 / 2018104 games