Realistic damage

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The first video game about Realistic damage was released in 1985.

NovaLogic, Ubisoft Entertainment and Ubisoft has published most of these games

* Fragile protagonist

* Tactics - in case of tactical shooters
This is only for damage, not accuracy. Implies the protagonist is as fragile as the most basic "equal" opponent out there (e.g. human soldier vs human soldier, both will die from single headshot).

* May be slightly less realistic depending on difficulty, but on "normal" difficulty it's already nearly indistinguishable.
* Standard fare in tactical shooters.
* Becomes unrealistic with health regeneration, but that should be ignored.
* Basic metal swords will be ineffective against battle tank armor. Does not necssarily include vibroblades, energy blades, etc.
* Basic firearms, even though designed to penetrate armor, will be ineffective against battle tank armor. Even anti-tank rifles (with time period specific exceptions).

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