Realistic shotguns

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Instead of being glorified melee weapons that has effective range of only about 15 meters if even that, in these games they actually are closer to reality with effective range of 30 to 50 meters with shot ammo and up to 70 meters with slug ammo.


Alternate name: Medium range shotguns

The first video game about Realistic shotguns was released on January 29, 1996.

Tripwire Interactive, Electronic Arts and Vivendi Universal has published most of these games

Since the norm is the super short range shotguns, this aversion is more interesting.

Some games may allow both types to exist simultaneously with either separate shotguns, character skill with shotguns, or choke adjustment mechanic.

There's also the rare games where some shotguns can work in same category as snipers, but they essentially go beyond what this tag is about.

Simply said, the damage does not drop off for each pellet with distance or pellets do not vanish into air after much shorter distance than other projectile weapons.

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