Reborn protagonist

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The protagonist has been brought back to life.


Alternate names: Resurrected protagonist, Reincarnated protagonist

The first video game about Reborn protagonist was released on June 6, 1993.

Nintendo, Codemasters and Activision has published most of these games

If the protagonist is undead as a result, this tag does not apply. Use undead protagonist instead.

This tag only applies when this is part of the story, so (most) games with reinc/ress spells or similar functionality don't count (nor do automatic healing stations or whatever, a la System Shock and Bioshock).

Resurrection through being turned into something else than they were before are border cases and not always applicable, such as the undead case.

In case of reincarnation, the protagonist is some past person or that person's spirit reborn, likely some great hero, whose skills, powers, wisdom and whatever else the protagonist is supposed to have or regain. Often the protagonist expresses disbelief in this, and some even rebel against it as they claim they're their own person, not someone else come back again. Unlike the other cases of rebirth, the protagonist usually has no recollection of any kind of their past self, possibly have little in common with them either. These cases do NOT count for amnesia, as you have a different person in question. Some stories may introduce a rather cruel twist to this, such as seen in Wheel of Time.