Red Book Audio

Hardware entity

Uses Red Book audio for music, the same audio format used by common music/audio CDs and therefore could be listened on regular CD players without any additional effort.


Alternate names: Compact Disc Digital Audio, CDDA
Name variations: Mixed Mode CD

The first video game about Red Book Audio was released on November 11, 1994.

Interplay and GT Interactive has published most of these games

Some games use an audio track as a data track (1st track usually). When used in an audio CD player, this track should result in silence and need to be skipped to continue audio playback.
* Media in drive
All Sega CD/Mega CD games use red book audio, so there is no need to tag them.
Some games ignored which CD was in drive, so players could replace the game CD with one of their own to suit their own musical tastes better.

Other games provided music in other additional format(s) if the player wanted to in addition to Redbook, such as midi, removing the need for the CD to be in drive.