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Games that run on Red Hat. A commercial Linux distro. Red Hat, Inc.'s best known product. Includes 7 years of support. Fedora is the free version.


The first video game about Redhat Linux OS was released in 1979.

Absolutist, GarageGames and Absolutist Games has published most of these games

Red Hat is where RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) originated, and of course Red Hat uses RPM.
A commercial product for a commercial market. Red Hat's focus is on servers and mainframes. Customers who subscribe get all updates, including x.0 versions at no additional charge. "Red Hat&0153;" is trademarked, as are their logos and names of several products included in the OS; but simply removing these trademarks results in a freely redistributable operating system, but the result does not qualify for support or updates.

Several package variants are offered that are designed for specific uses. A resent addition is Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS, for a desktop environment for power-users using high-end PCs. Red Hat Enterprise Desktop is designed with office environment including covers local servers, company webserver management, and single user desktops for individual employees. The others are Enterprise Server and Advanced Server. All variants come in reduced cost "Academic Edition"s intended for schools and students. The variations between these packages includes levels of support.

The "Enterprise" in the name is to distinguish it from free version such as Fedora core and older free versions that were called "Red Hat" without the word "Enterprise". Previously they used "Commercial" in the title to distinguish.

Red Hat is known for pushing the limits for commercial and free versions. They've experimented with using unstable compilers and software to allegedly discourage legal free use of their code. Its also been suggested that their early switch to international character set for all version was to discourage free use in Western European where free systems based on ISO-8859 were broken by the switch. (compatible international versions could be purchased). Red Hat doed not include support for DVD, MP3 and NTFS Nativity (although these features are not blocked from being installed.)

The VMware ESX Server OS is based on commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

"Blue Jacket" and "You-Know-Who" are two of the phrases used in place of the "Red Hat" trademark.

Fedora is the most well know free variant of Red Hat

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