Ammo reload: Realistic

Video game concept

Upon reloading a weapon, the previous clip/mag is discarded or stored back as partial clip/mag instead of filling the current clip/mag with the number of missing bullets.


The first video game about Ammo reload: Realistic was released in 1986.

THQ, Wolfire Games and FrozenSand has published most of these games

Depending on the reload mechanism, the default video game system may actually be realistic (e.g. weapon has a liquid chamber which is refilled from canisters). However, such cases do NOT belong to what this tag is for. Instead, any remaining ammo in the current clip/mag are either discarded completely (= lost ammo), or stored as partial clip/mag, causing that partial clip/mag to come back up later even if total ammo exceeds that of a one full clip.

This effectively encourages reloading only when absolutely necessary, using ammo more effectively, possibly even wasting some ammo on purpose (shooting more than usual to fully empty the clip).

This contrasts the normal behaviour in games where the current clip is seemingly filled from ammo reserves rather than being discarded.

Exceptions: (things that don't belong to this tag)
* Weapons with internal magazine don't have a clip/mag they can discard, only individual projectiles.
* Liquid, gas or energy based weapons can be considered to recharge or refill the current battery or tank/canister. Essentially similar to weapons with internal magazines.
* Single-shot weapons

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