Video game concept

Any tags that inherently contribute to replayability, regardless of how much the particular implementation in each game actually does so.

Random chance or similar unpredictability of certain actions or events do not generally belong here, as they do not really affect replayability. Mainly concepts that enforce or help making the experience unique each time.
Branching storyThe story branches off to two or more alternative lines, possibly merging at later time, giving increased replayability.1990 / 201749 games
Character creationPlayer creates one or more characters to play with, from defining their physical and mental attributes to what skills they have.1982 / 2017309 games
ConsequencesThe choices, actions or lack of action of the protagonist has future consequences that may or may not be immediately obvious.2007 / 201871 games
Map generatorUses (random) map/level generator to create most or all areas where the player can go to instead of shipping with regular human designed static levels or maps.1975 / 2018726 games
Multiple endingsHas more than one possible ending. Excluding any early endings caused by mission failure, non plot related deaths, or similar.1981 / 2018491 games
New Game+After finishing the game at least once, the game can be played again with some features unlocked or various things changed.1985 / 2018168 games
Non-linear gameplayPlayer is not forced to follow a rigid path of progression.1986 / 2017210 games
Player awardscontainer group
Randomized contentAny non-specific randomized content.2013 / 20176 games
Skip non-interactiveAllows skipping non-interactive sections, from videos to narrative to simple dialogs.1999 / 201788 games
Variable endingThe ending is an amalgam of various bits of info that cover what was done and how they affected the outcome.1986 / 201719 games