Resource acquisition

Video game concept

Any and all tags describing how items, equipment and such are acquired.

Alternate names: Equipment acquisition, Item acquisition

Parent group

Resource management
BarteringUses bartering (swapping/trading of goods and services) as a significant economic tool (as opposed to trading mainly with a currency).1975 / 201951 games
Base incomePlayer is provided with a basic income they get regardless of anything else.2007 / 201424 games
Bounty-huntingPlayer participates in bounty-hunting: locating, capturing and/or killing individuals.1979 / 201612 games
Fuel siphoningPlayer can acquire fuel by siphoning it from other usable vehicles.1994 / 20176 games
Interest incomePlayer gains income through interest, usually by depositing wealth in a bank, giving out loans, or some such.1974 / 201415 games
LoansPlayer can take out loans and thus going into debt, or possibly even give them out and gaining additional income via debt interest.1984 / 201622 games
LootingAny and all tags describing how or what items are acquired from other characters, usually after they're dead.2004 / 2008container group 2 games
Manual harvestingPlayer themselves needs to pickup resources instead of it happening automatically on its own or by harvesters.2009 / 201612 games
Paid killingPlayer character gains wealth automatically from killing opponents or destroying their property.1993 / 2019128 games
Resource generationPlayer is required to generate one or more types of resources.1993 / 201939 games
Resource harvestingInvolves harvesting of one or more types of resources.1982 / 2019453 games
ShoppingIncludes shops, merchants, traders or item dispensers where the player can purchase new items.1974 / 20191686 games
StealingPlayer can or must steal items or wealth from someone.1983 / 2018138 games
TaxesIncludes a government, private or criminal organization that collects a portion of assets supposedly for the benefit of those whom give the funds1982 / 2018139 games