Restore power

Video game concept

Player is given at least once the task of restoring power or functionality to one system or another.

Especially for games where this is done somewhat frequently.

If the level/game ends when the power is restored, this should be noted as the ultimate goal. This tag is primarily to indicate games where restoring power is only an intermediate goal where it alters the map/level/whatever's behaviour and appearance in some way during play.

This is likely present in some games to showcase the game engine (scripting) capabilities.

Note: this may need to be generalized to `toggle power´, as there are a number of games where you must turn off the power source or even destroy it. But the side tracking nature of the task is still there and its effects on the level(s) is as notable.

The first Restore power video game was released on February 15, 1995.

Acclaim Entertainment, 2K Games and LucasArts published most of these games.


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