Video game concept

Reproduces the appearance (and possibly audio) of an old game, though likely enhanced with modern graphics techniques.


The first video game about Retro was released on May 4, 1999.

Vblank Entertainment, Devolver Digital and Paradox Interactive has published most of these games

See also: throwback (in case the gameplay)

* Demake

Parent group

BlockyDesigned to be very blocky in appearance, with heavy use of square/rectangle/cube shapes. Likely as an attempt to make the game seem older than it is and/or to reduce resources needed to produce graphics.2002 / 2017116 games
CRT EffectsVisuals simulate realistic, rare, or even imagined aspects of CRT displays.1992 / 201829 games
Low Resolution TextShows text output that looks to be for a system with less than 80 colum text (Apple ][, Commodore, Atari 8-bit).1998 / 20142 games
Music genre: ChiptuneA music genre that emulates the sound of 8 bit music from older platforms (or is actually for them).1995 / 201759 games
Phosphor Screen DisplayScreens in the game, or the main display of the game [i]simulates[/i] old style monochrome monitors such as the amber, green, or page white displays.1983 / 201310 games
PixelatedIntentionally runs with pixel doubling, tripling, or something - such as the graphics are designed to look like it - that brings out the pixels to visible levels as they used to be in old games.1986 / 2018366 games
Simplistic visualsUses simple visuals with extremely low amount of detail.1998 / 201735 games