Retry points

Video game concept

Includes points where the player character is automatically teleported to and restored at upon catastrophic failure besides level start.


Alternate names: Respawn points, Checkpoints

The first video game about Retry points was released in 1984.

Activision, 11 bit studios and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Without this it can be assumed that a game doesn't automatically restore from any point if there are no lives: shows game over screen and possibly some options like load last save, return to main menu, restart level, or some such. Effectively these are checkpoints or similar that don't create a permanent save.

With lives tag present we can assume this means mid-level retry points (without this retry would be at level start).

The game may or may not inform you of reaching such points.

These are NOT the same as save points, but commonly these also function as save points.

By default we can assume that the game world is not changed at all when you die and are returned to such point.

Parent group

Game-like elements

Child group

Retry points: Rollback


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