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The solar system of Rigel or planet(s) therein. Rigel is a binary star system that can be seen with the eye from Earth in Orion constellation.


The first video game about Rigel was released in 1983.

Various planets of the Rigel solar system are indicated as a homes for aliens in several well known fictional universes. Rigellians make prominent appearances in The Simpsons, Star Trek, and Marvel Comics franchises.

Additionally, Abu Rawash's destroyed pyramid is said to represent Rigel by some who claim the Pyramids of Egypt and other made made features where arranged to form a copy of the Orion Constellation's shape on the surface of the Earth. Since it was destroyed by natural or intelligently initiated processes, it is unknown if this pyramid had a 'pyramid shaft' that pointed to the Constellation of Orion or any other astronomical feature. These are all factors in several theories that often include Rigellian aliens.

Last Pharaoh of the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt, Unas, in the Pyramid Texts (the worlds oldest known 'sacred scriptures') is said to have become Rigel after journeying there. He was also associated with Osiris, who was believed to be the the model of constellation Orion by the Ancient Egyptians. His pyramid, which was destroyed or deteriorated, but has been located by archaeologists, was the first to be included in the Pyramid Texts.

It is noted that any explanation of pyramid shafts are considered Pyramidology, despite their obvious existence, great care, difficultly, and complexity evident in their construction and current lack of a scientific proof as to their purpose.



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