Eastern RPG

Game genre concept

Any tags commonly perceived as defining or common traits of eastern-style RPGs.


Alternate names: Console RPG, Japanese RPG, JRPG

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This tag should NOT be used. This exists only to guide users to other tags that describe the content more specifically.

* Premade protagonist
* No alternatives
* Static character growth
* Random encounters
* Turn-based combat
* Combat mode
* Pop-up NPCs
* Simple control scheme
* Linear; the world may open up after you've done and seen all, but not before.
* Dying is infrequent, usually limited to boss battles.

* Western RPG
Premade protagonistPlayer has little or no control over who the protagonist is, often with little or no control who their protagonist will be either. Mostly of interest for RPGs where character creation is often seen as integral part for western RPGs.1983 / 2017186 games