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Rummy is a group of card games that includes Gin Rummy, Canasta, Rummy and Mah Jong. As mahjong games are much more common, they have their own group.

Rummy is occasionally offered as a gambling game in casinos or a limited form of casinos often called "private card rooms". An average hand of rummy can last 15 minutes and there can be 5 to 14 hands per game. Such long game times require extremely high prices, or very low pay-out, for a gambling establishments profit rate comparable to other games. As gambling regulations usually regulate payouts, high stakes rummy is a Casino's only viable option for rummy. Very, very few gamblers are unwilling to play rummy for such high stakes. And if a Casino is not bound by payout regulates, the low payout does does not appeal to many. However, some casinos are willing to offer facilities with the reduced rate of profit expected. Essentially, operating a private card room business withing the casino's facilities.

Private card rooms generally operate on a business model where the gambling aspect with the house ('betting against the house') is minimalised (or even non-existent). Players bet with each other with no direct involvement in bets by the gambling establishment. Instead the house collects a percentage fee of each pot (where regulations allow), flat fees for usage of the facilities (most common), and/or flat fees-per-hand in rare cases. Such business models were and are known to legally operate in jurisdictions where gambling is not permitted and in jurisdictions where it is permitted but business owners wish to avoid the complications and expenses of all the gambling regulations that apply to casinos.

The first Rummy video game was released in 1981.

Sierra On-Line and The Software Toolworks published most of these games.

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