Optional running commentary

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Supplemental commentary material by the creators that plays or can be read at various locations explaining how or why they did things as they are.


The first video game about Optional running commentary was released on November 18, 2001.

Valve, Sierra and Eidos Interactive has published most of these games

Originally used in Laser Disc movies since 1984. Film historians, directors, producers, cast members, cinematographers, editors, production designers, and creators of the work in general would speak about the movie as it played. In 1997 the first multi commentary work was created and had three different 3 tracks of commentary. Multiple commentaries where made possible by the DVD format. 1999 saw the first video commentary where the creators where shown as if they were viewing the movie in a theater. They gestured, pointed and drew on the picture to emphasize their commentary. In 2004 audio commentary was first used in a videogame. Text commentary also counts for this tag. Like those pop up balloons in music videos. Fan made commentaries only count if officially endorsed or republished by the production company. If it is not optional commentary that can be switched off, then its part of the movie and does not count for this tag.