Safe powers

Other (objects, etc.) concept

Magic and such powers are perfectly safe for the user (and possibly allies) despite appearing extremely dangerous. Such as being able to toss explosive fireballs, rain acid, and summon tornadoes at their own feet without being affected by them themselves.


Alternate name: Safe magic

The first video game about Safe powers was released on March 15, 2001.

Capcom, JoWood Productions and Square Enix has published most of these games

This can be manipulated if the target(s) of the spell can somehow satisfy the same conditions as the caster.
Most obvious cases are area-of-effect attack spells where user can freely throw such things at their own feet and be unaffected. Occasionally this is explained away that the magic is designed in such manner or the protagonist simply controls their powers so well, others claim temporary immunity to whatever the spell does being part of it and the rest tend to ignore the issue completely.

This can be a bit quirky in some cases, such as a fire spell starting an actual fire. Although you may not be hurt by the initial magical flame, the following normal fire will still hurt.
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