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Getting injured creates permanent scarring or similar markers of the injury.


The first video game about Scarring was released in 1994.

Heart Shaped Games has published all these games

* Imperfect recovery

Implied: (not enforceable)
* Graphic violence

* Injuries
* Imperfect healing
This is rather unpopular among gamers as they seem to enjoy the ridiculous thing seen in most television shows and such where everyone makes a perfect recovery, even after being turned into some primordial slug creature or getting your leg chopped off. There's nothing but the implied psychological trauma left after it has been fixed.

Especially disliked by people who enjoy epic fantasy.

Scarring is seen on the level of tattoos by most gamers it would seem. It's nice when you have the ability to choose what kind of scar and where to have it if any, but enforcing them on you is somehow seen as something Very Wrong. Many realistic games also omit scarring completely.

* NOT when these exist only on the same manner as tattoos.

Best cases are when these appear from all injuries that break the skin/bones and can't be removed.

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