Other (objects, etc.) theme

* Science theme
Commonly either seen as a great problem for those who use and advance it, often others getting trambled under the wheels of progress. At other times it's depicted almost reverently.
Arcane technologyIncludes devices, machinery and whatever else that interacts with the supernatural.2003 / 20156 games
Archaic technologyOld technology is used to accomplish things that one would expect to see only with more advanced technology.2000 / 20065 games
BiotechnologyFeatures any of the various fields of manipulating organic entities, from transplants to genetic engineering, or the results thereof.1988 / 201785 games
Clone technologyFeatures cloning technology or its products.2000 / 201634 games
Experimental technologyDepicts experimental or prototype technology in practical use.1992 / 201745 games
Nano technologyFeatures nano technology or its products.1997 / 201757 games
Quantum physicsFeatures the use of quantum mechanics, fictional or factual.2007 / 20178 games