SciFi elements

Fiction genre concept

Any tags that describe game elements originally found in sci-fi games only, or generally seen as a defining traits of the genre.

See also: non-scifi
Space aliensFeatures (sentient) extraterrestrial alien creatures.1971 / 20191484 games (1 characters)
BiomimicsRobots that mimic behaviour and/or appearance of biological organisms.1990 / 20175 games
EMP weaponsIncludes any kind of weapons that briefly or permanently disable electronic or similar systems, but have little to no effect against organic targets.1994 / 201758 games
Electromagnetic projectile weaponsIncludes electromagnetic projectile devices in form of weapons.1993 / 201645 games
MechsFeatures mechas or other piloted walker robots.1980 / 2019679 games
MutantsIncludes mutants of any kind.1983 / 2019388 games
Power armorPlayer character wears or can wear a power armor or powered exoskeleton short of piloted robots.1984 / 2017201 games
Psychic PowersPlayer character wields psychic powers.1982 / 2019238 games
Super powersFeatures non-specific super powers wielded by the player or others.1989 / 201856 games