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Features one or more characters who predict the future, either the possibilities or things that will happen.


Alternate names: Prophets, Soothsayers, Clairvoyants, Oracles, Diviners

The first video game about Seers was released on November 21, 1991.

Virgin Interactive, Interplay and Nintendo has published most of these games

* Prophecy
Prophet can variably mean person who speaks from divine inspiration rather than offering a prediction of future and therefore differs from the other seer types depending on use, but can still mean someone who makes a prophecy (a prediction of future). Prophets who tell the future have a tendency to speak only one prophecy or prophecies related to the same thing and are less useful for a single person than people.

Note that even if the story is about a prophecy doesn't mean the prophets are around, or that if there are prophets that the game is about a prophecy, so cross-tagging with prophecy is a very case-by-case occurrence.

A seer might not be Supernatural. A time traveler from the future or someone transported from a far away place via technological means who disseminated knowledge that, due to their origin, no one else had, could be referred to as a seer.