Sessile creatures

Creatures theme

Includes creatures (animals) that are incapable of moving about on their own, often growing directly into a surface itself.


Alternate name: Immobile creatures

The first video game about Sessile creatures was released in 1991.

Interplay, Playdead and Lexicon Entertainment has published most of these games

Often these either resemble carnivorous plants by having a mouth of some sort that has limited ability to move around from the spot where the creature has grown in, or having an unmoving mouth. Some may have feelers, tentacles, or other appendages that it can use to pull their prey to them. Often these grow from roofs from where their feelers extend below so they can easily snatch flying and sometimes ground-based food.

Plant-like creatures should not count even if immobile (see plant creatures and carnivorous plants for them). Vague biological mass should not count either.