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Discrimination based on gender, forcing of gender roles on people, etc.


Name variations: sexist

The first video game about Sexism was released on October 19, 2010.

Take-Two Interactive has published all these games

Note that although females are commonly depicted in the receiving end of this, this is not solely about men discriminating women.

* Women are stupider, weaker, etc. than men
* Men must be tough, brave, and can't cry (denied sensitivity)
* Men are incomprehensibly mulish
* Women are incomprehensibly emotional
* Knitting is for girls
* Fighting is for men
* Women can't be trusted to lead
* Women shouldn't be let to drive
* Men/women are only good for [...]

From recent times, males in the emo subculture are generally subjected to sexism. Similarly any case of where the people who do not act according to their sexist roles are seen as freaks (a strong member of the weaker gender), weaklings (a weak member of the strong gender), or other abominations of nature (mind, strong here does not refer to physical strength). Another form that is glossed over in modern times is that women-are-special: where people drive for equality, but if a woman is treated badly in similar manner as one treats a man and you have people jumping up and shouting sexism. A stupid person is stupid regardless of gender (or any other negative trait), no sexism involved or required in that.

Patriarchy, matriarchy, misogyny, misandry (often mistaken with feminism as misandronists tend to be feminists too), etc. are all forms of sexism.

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