Pseudo sexism

Culture concept

Prominently depicts one gender taking a specific role without anyone forcing, demanding, or voicing remarks that role is the appropriate one for them. In other words, the role is depicted as natural for them.


The first video game about Pseudo sexism was released on June 10, 2011.

Take-Two Interactive has published all these games

Cases where this isn't voiced at all are likely depicted as occurring naturally without any effort from either gender, as if both have accepted the state as normal and the way it should be and behave accordingly.

This may also easily happen when depicting ancient or even modern patriarchal or even matriarchal cultures (what few there are of the latter) as is.

When this is actively perpetrated, tag with sexism instead.

The difference between the two tags is mainly that in sexism the discrimination is depicted as discrimination, in this it simply occurs and the "discriminated" counterpart seems to not mind or even enjoys the part. Therefore, there never comes the hateful remarks or actions when one falls out of line, nor fear of reprisal of doing so. One could possibly see this as a form of sexist utopia where the other gender obediently follows their "lesser" role without any oppressive or discriminative action from the "superior" gender.

See also: macho

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