Hardware concept

Alternate names: Pixel Shaders, Vertex Shaders, Geometry Shaders
Name variations: Shader Models

A lot of game developers/publishers don't bother informing what version of shaders they use, only the minimum/recommended GPUs which are not enough to determine this except in earliest cases. Thus the shader tags will likely forever be underpopulated compared to their actual use.
MojoShaderAllows devs to use Direct3D shaders (HLSL) on alternate 3D APIs (such as OpenGL), and therefore on non-Windows platforms.2005 / 20175 games
Shader Model 1.xCan utilize Shader Model 1.x2001 / 201697 games
Shader Model 2.xCan utilize Shader Model 2.x2003 / 2017245 games
Shader Model 3.xCan utilize Shader Model 3.x2003 / 2018254 games
Shader Model 4.xCan utilize Shader Model 4.x2009 / 201816 games
Shader Model 5.xCan utilize Shader Model 5.x2014 / 20164 games